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Man merkt dem Song an, dass Ne-yo mitgeschrieben hatte. Der Song ist super aufgebaut, sodass er mitreißend ausgefallen ist. This is the track that first attracted me to Keri, and still my favourite of hers. Ne-Yo & Kanye break up the monotony somewhat, but don't really help lift the track. Keri steals the show for me though over two household names. Nicht zu fassen, ich kann mich nur über Leute wundern die sowas für gute Musik halten. If I ignore that, the rest of the song isn't too bad. Such a special collaboration for me, the three voices blend so well together. Tja, mit so einem Popplastikmüll wird einem gehörig das Trommelfell malträtiert. I generally just don't like this sort of synth sound. Zet twee mensen die wat kunnen bij elkaar en je hebt niet noodzakelijkerwijs iets beters. The album contains songs that crossover different genres of music, combining elements of R&B, pop and dance-pop. This song, if taken care of the right way, could help the world! The album follows the disappointing commercial performance to 2010's Libra Scale and is Ne-Yo's first album with new label Motown Records after being appointed as the label's senior vice president for A&R. D., Ne-Yo has re-united with frequent partners Star Gate as well as new collaborators such as Harmony Samuels, No I. Preceding the album's release are two lead singles, the R&B-tinged "Lazy Love" which reached the upper half of the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and the Sia-penned synth/Europop club song "Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)". In the album's press release he explained "[it] came from me stepping outside myself, looking at my life as it is today and realizing that every dream I've had from the day I decided I wanted to do music, every dream that I've had from then til now, I'm definitely on the way to realizing it." It is reported that during an interview with TMZ, the singer clarified speculation as to why the album title changed and comparison to an album released by rapper Game called, The R. Speaking about the song Ne-Yo said he was inspired by the powerful chorus, and in a press release he elaborated on the song's lyrical content: "It goes beyond the realm of just a relationship between man and woman, "this is understanding what it is to allow another person to get close enough to you to teach you how to love yourself. (an acronym for Realizing Every Dream), is the fifth studio album by American singer-songwriter Ne-Yo, first released on November 6, 2012. Early previews of the album indicate a progression in the singer's sound with a deeper lyrical content. The album title, an acronym for the phrase 'Realizing Every Dream" was inspired by the singer's personal experiences. In a press release from Universal Motown, the record label hope to record a remix with country singer Tim Mc Graw for a future radio release and that one day Ne-Yo could perform the song at the Country Music Awards. has received generally favorable reviews from most music critics. During a visit to Angie Martinez' Hot 97 radio show, Ne-Yo addressed his critics saying "I know where I came from. When this new album comes out, it will shut the mouths of everybody who feels like I have 'crossed over'." Kim Dawson from the Daily Star newspaper received a preview of the album and described the song as "Ne-Yo bemoaning the flip side of fame." Lyrics in the song include the line "You’re gonna hate me for being real". There is no way to expand and grow if everybody you're working with wants to keep you in a box." Some critics responded to the comments made by Ne-Yo and came to the conclusion that the singer had "lost touch" with his R&B roots. Ne yo burnin up free mp3 mozilla nightly browser free Music video by Ne-Yo performing Burnin' Up. C 2012 Pernod Ricard Слушайте ОНЛАЙН песню ♫ Burning up ♫ Ne-Yo Качайте БЕСПЛАТНО на Музыке Нур ☀ Здесь Вы также найдете другие песни исполнителя Ne-Yo